Sunday, June 1, 2008

கல்லு மாவும், grinder மாவும்

Technology is a part of music these days. Our musical listening experience is improved and all of the songs/music composed today is mastered/enhanced with the help of latest mixers, computers and so on. Remix songs (another version of a song, slightly or totally(??) different from the original) r part of this tech. evolution. I've heard some people here in our (tamil) music industry complaining about remixes done.

SPB once said tat remixes are "அசிங்கம் "(though he sung engeyum eppothum remix). But i dont find any probs listening to remixes only if they r neatly made. Most of my playlists has atleast one good remix song. So my opinion on remixes is the post's title. I've heard so many cheap remix songs, DJ mixes and unofficial remixes and im listing top5 tamil remix songs from tamil films here. Try to hear and tel me ur opinion on the song and it'l tak u to a music player. if u hav patience, wait for the ad to get over or click the next

5. Engeyum Eppothum from Pollathavan
Composer: YogiB
Singers: SPB, YogiB and Sunitha Sarathy
This song is in the list only because of yogiB and it is @ the last only because of him. His காட்டுக்கத்தல் at times drill our eardrums

4. Ponmagal Vandhal from Azhagiya Tamil Magan
Singers: TM Sounderrajan, Aslam and Ember
Composer: AR Rahman
A neat remix by ARR. Though the rap lyrics sounds silly, this is a quality remix But the song's picturisation wasnt good enough....

3. Vasantha Mullai from Pokkiri
Singers: TM Sounderrajan, Rahul Nambiyar and Krishnamoorthy
Composer: Manisharma
This song will be one of my all time favourite. The song fetched me the third first prize in a row in my college music competition. Good peppy number and an unexpected remix from Manisharma.

2. Thee Pidikka from Arindhum Ariyamalum
Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers: MK Thyagaraja Bagavathar, Anushka and Premgi Amaran
I liked this song a lot wen i heard it first. I told my friends tat the song will be a huge hit and it happened. The song become the major reason for the film's success. But another bad picturisation.

1. Thottal Poo Malarum from New
Singers: Hariharan and Harini
Composer: AR Rahman
Im not a big fan of ARR but my top 5 has 2 of his songs and the remix in NEW is @ the top. An excellent remix wit the original lyrics. Even though SJ Surya doesnt fit, the song's visuals looked lik a pop album. My personal opinion is, ARR can stop composing/confusing new songs and start remixing old songs. I think he has a starting and finishing problem...


Krishna Kumar said...

If the remixed song sounds gud...absolutely no problem to admire it...!!

Karthick Krishna CS said...

im nt including madai thirandhu remix in the "sounds good" criteria

Krishna Kumar said...

@Kaarthi but i'll include it..and may give 5/5 or even more...indeed madai thiranthu is not remixed song...yogi B just took the main lead of the old song..

Krishna Kumar said...

Dai..u've been tagged..