Saturday, May 17, 2008

How to write lyrics for tamil film songs

(after so many friends suggestion, i've given equivalent english words for tamil words)

If one writes a biography about me (any volunteers??) they should write some 3-4 chapters abt music in my life. i lik to hear loads of songs even if i dnt understand its meaning. but i always wonder about tamil film song's lyrics. At times, it sounds totally stupid and funny. These days, i cant even understand the tamil lyrics (particularly, yogi b songs "ஜாட மோதி மோதி மொக்காக நெருப்பாக நீரும் மதி மாடுள்ள" செம்மய புரியுதுல??? ???)

But i think its very easy to write songs for tamil films. If ppl lik perarasu writes, why cant we??? here s one small xample for perarasu song lyrics

என்னாத்த சொல்வேனுங்கோ (ennatha solvenungo)
வடு மாங்கா ஊருதுங்கோ (Vadumaanga oorudhungo)
வடுமாங்க ஊரடுங்கோ (vadumaanga ooratungo)
தயிர் சாதம் ready பண்ணுங்கோ (Thayirsaadham ready pannungo)

In this post, i'l teach u some easy steps to write tamil film song lyrics. c, the trick is, first finish the last word in each line, it shld sound similar lik ...
சொல்வேனுங்கோ (solvenungo)
ஊருதுங்கோ (Oorudhungo)
ஊரடுங்கோ (Ooratungo)
பண்ணுங்கோ (Pannungo)
போடாங்கோ (Podaango)

Lik wise. wen u get the last words rite, u can easily fill up the other words...Anthe, simple.....
let me write my own tamglish lyrics for a very simple situation first, for xample, tak the word "blogspot"
first step: finish the last words,
shooting spot

now the remaining stuff,

நீ எந்தன் blogspot (nee endhan)
நான் அருந்தும் goldspot (naan undhan)
வேலூர் is a hotspot (Velur)
அதுவே நமது shooting spot (adhuve namadu)

எப்படி??? ரொம்ப மொக்கையா இருக்கா ( romba mokkaya irukka) ???? yogi B கிட்ட சொன்ன, காச்சல்லிக்கோ கேச்சளிக்கோ பெச்சளிக்கொனு எதாவது போட்டு, பாட்ட நாஸ்தி பண்ணிடுவான்

அவ்ளோதான்... get ready ரசிகப்பெருமக்களே, u can write lyrics for ur favorite heroes... jus think of few rhyming words like TR, automatica lyrics varum..... i c a diary in front of me..... i've started thinking
(diary, theory, சவுரி, நவுர்ரி..........................................).

p.s.origninal concept by bala anna


Krishna Kumar said...

plz write the tamil words in English script...people like me can face some problem to understand it...anyways for this post i took my mom's assistance...nice post...gud thinking...

Workshop_Internal said...

Hey ur blog is really interesting. im expecting much info/kalaai's of our tamil films in ur blog. Do entertain us with tat. All the very Best for ur try.

கா.கி said...

@ manisha

im not into full time criticizing of tamil films, but will post the funny things happening in it and thnx for the comment

உங்கள் ராட் மாதவ் said...

ஹா...ஹ...ஹா......அருமை... கார்த்திக்...

கா.கி said...

nandri :)