Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Like Music, Movies too plays an important role in my life history ('HIS'tory is a masculine word!!!!). I never thought of studying Electronic media(EM) when i was in school final, but somehow i joined the course without much plans(still, enna plan panradhunu theriyala)...... All i had in mind was," i hav to work in a field wich provides scope for some creativity and not to work as a 9am-5pm employee in a corporate" (its nt very easy though).

As my brother missed the opportunity to study EM, he asked me to study EM or Visual Communication (vis. com). But vis com syllabus frightened, cause it had Drawing in the first year. Enakku drawinga paatha bayam, adhukkum enna paatha bayam (தவள வரஞ்சா டைனோசர் மாதிரி இருக்கும்) upto 10th std, my friends helped me with the science diagrams(thank god, graph sheets had only lines)...... So viscom was in the second row and i gave importance to EM..... Applied in Loyola(vis.com), Anna univ.(EM) and Guru Nanak (both). Wrote entrance exams in loyola and anna univ.

But dint get any (எனக்கு அவ்ளோ talent இல்ல, added, adhu thani story, saving it for future posting) My brother was a guru nanak college (GNC) student, he did his BCA their.... Dint had any entrance in GNC, they called me and said tat i got selected for viscom, aana naan konjam kooda mariyadhaye illama, (it was my HOD who called, but dint knw at tat time), "sorry mam, im waiting for my loyola college result" appadinu solliten. Loyola and anna univ. bulb aanadhukku apparam, i dint had any choice, so joined EM in GNC.

First day in college was a bit of surprise for me...College entrancela oru periyaaaaaaaaaaa cricket ground......Then, i dint went to any classroom, instead they told me to go to Audio lab, i.e. a recording studio.... enakku ore aacharyam (mindvoice, "aahaa naama periya padippa padikkaporam"), but inside the studio, great shock awaited....although the studio was well equipped and looked great, the class had only 8people.... but they said, more will join once the instant exam(for those who failed in 12th) result comes....i too hoped the same but only 3 joined later....

This low strength kinda helped me as i had time to interact wit all of my friends at a time and spared much time for arattai.....our Dept. staffs also found it easy to teach and gave us more freedom....Beside, my seniors were vey friendly and helpful... So i had much fun studying in Guru Nanak College....use to talk freely wit professors.... I really never had any tough time (apart from xams) in the college....Infact i realized my original capacity. College life taught me great lessons (mostly good ones) which i can never forget. But எல்லாருக்கும் அப்படிதான், இல்ல?? (Its same for everybody, isnt it??)

p.s.amma thaaye, edhaavadhu comments post pannunga (ada chee, idhellam oru pozhappa?!?!?!?!?!)..... ideas, to popularise the blog, are appreciated.....

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Venkat K said...

Cool blogs daa.. Unakku ulla neraya irukku nu teriyum... adha indha blog moolyama confirm paninten.. ennoda vaazthukkal.. kandippa unnala naanga ellarum perumai pada pora naatkal romba pakkathula irukkum nu nenaikaren..

un annan