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GNC Electronic Media 2005-08 Batch

This post is for and about my friends..... those who r interested can read and
those who r not interested can also read (இதவிட வேற என்ன வேலை??)
(a small reminder about my studies. they r about media. movies and stuff lik tat)

(ther is one gal in our class, satya sri, who s nt in this picture. i dunno much abt her. its a great achievement tat she, being the only gal in our class, studied in a class full of boys. good guts, isnt it?? )
Suresh and Arun kumars: C, I cant separate them here also. these 2 were cousins. always together and fun loving fellows. i use call them crazy thieves as they r from பாலவாக்கம் . suresh's last project gained him some popularity, our sir appericiated it much than the other films. i think these 2 will become good masala (not tat masala) film directors in the future or will join politics.

Ragunaath: To be frank, during my initial days in first year, i thought ragu was a total nut. His mannerisms r very popular among our dept. students. His distinctive way of thinking and speaking earned him popularity soon, most of them negative ones. but in last two years, i came to know about him much and realized tat he s a good human being, far better than lot of us. has a good analytical brain. in 5th sem he made his film without any help, he did all the pre production, production and post production work. i thought tats wat all of the e media studs shuld do. but i too dint do tat. I think this is enough to knw abt him.(i usually dnt ask testimonials frm ppl, but im expecting his testimonial abt me in orkut)

Chandramouli: one confused mind in our class. i still dunno wy he do all those so called funny stuff in front of ppl, lik using bagyaraj's manerisms and some funny gestures. I believed (still) he was trying to get some attention. we use to discuss a lot abt movies. he has a good logical brain but fails most of the time due to low confidence. he s the only one who got placed in our campus (others dint attend).

Kaarthik: I came to knw abt him only in last 2 sem, the one wit a wierd haristyle, gets teased by others for the same. we dnt talk much between us, he acted in maximum no. of short films this year (in my request, acted in my film too, ஆபத்பாந்தவன்) he, along wit prem, s aiming to be a cinematographer. im confident tat he will be one.

Prem: I had good rapport with the seniors, so wen they asked me to assist thm in their pojects, they told me to bring some more students who should be quiet and hardworking. Prem's face striked immediately. Cameraman for almost all the projects in this year. ***** (badword) பேசவேமாட்டான். we were together assisting senior's projects and hav traveled a lot together. i waited for him to be free to be in my film's crew. very co-operative and hardworking fellow. he'l definitely become a great cameraman in the future, we hav a deal tat he should handle camera in my future feature film. its for sure machi, if i tak one.

Manoj: Looks too young in the picture, isnt it?? 1985 பொறந்த பையன். very reserved and thinks concepts only for elite group. என்னென்னமோ models பேரெல்லாம் சொல்லி wallpapers download பண்ண சொல்லுவான் . use to complain a lot abt the society and environment. likes to be a practical thinker. he, myself and mouli use to discuss abt whole new concepts almost everyday. if he move in the rite path, he'l hav a brite future. the only thing he need is some co-operation frm his family. giv him a chance, he can do great works(i think ur bro will read this).

Sanjay (సబ్జయ్): (telugu correcta??) Spielberg is his nick name. i use to call him mayandi cause he learned maya in our class first. should've been in viscom dept. he'l always be in computer lab, doing viscom things lik flash and max presentations(alien). interested in whole lot of things i cant list out here. generally he talks abt world cinema and took a wonderful cinema last sem (i cant forget it). yet to give my salary for tat film.

I dunno much about Rakesh and Deepak garge, though rakesh attends class regularly i dnt talk to him much. he also frm andra and is the senior most person in our class. good fellow. never bothers anyone (atleast dint bothered me).
deepak garge attends the college only on exam days. he s working. college உள்ள getupa நுழையும்போதே நல்ல நல்ல வார்த்தையா சொல்லிகிட்டே வருவான். yo guy. i hope he brags a lot. we cant believe most of the things he says. these doesnt mean tat he s bad. he has promised me tat, if i refer, he'l recruit some of my frnds if they need any job.

tats it...
nobody in our class is bad...though each of us r nt big frnds, we r nt enemies. im proud tat i was with these ppl, last 3yrs, sharing the same class room. i think i can say tat i was the only one who had a good rapport with all of em (no braggadocio here)... all d best for u ppl, for a healthy, wealthy and great future.

p.s. and about me, சொல்றதுக்கு வார்த்தையே கெடைக்கல.... :))))
ther s one famous quote, "show me ur friend, i'l tel who u r", so feel free to judge abt me.

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