Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How to download videos from youtube in firefox browser...

looong title... isnt it??

Most of us watch loads of videos in youtube.. some of us know how to download and most of us dont know how to. So, here is a simple solution. After reading this, u can easily download videos from youtube. Maximum in a single click :). Important note is, im gonna explain only about downloading in firefox browser.

go to
(if u dont hav firefox, download it. its free...)

in that website, there will be a link to add-ons.
just move your mouse over it and click all add ons

There will be a search bar.
enter the words "fast video download" and press enter.
make sure, within all addons is selected in the
drop down box
next to the search bar...


the first result will be "fast video download" by "Applian"..
by the side of it, "add to firefox" button will be there. click it..
a box will appear. click the "instal now" button...

the add on will be installed to ur browser and restart firefox..

a tiny blue arrow will be there in the, bottom right corner in status bar of ur browser.
This means that the add-on has been installed successfully...

final check...
to check, go to youtube.. select and play any video.. while the video is streaming, click that tiny blue arrow in the bottom right corner in status bar of ur browser. It'l ask u for location to save the video file. Specify and click ok.

i think this steps are much clear. thought of uploading pictures along wit the steps.. but the quality and size of the pics were bad. thats wy. tel me whether u have accomplished the mission successfully...



swathi paul(dew drop) said...

i read your ntire post even though i dint understan a word of it.thanks ya for noticing that my post dint have a title

Lancelot said...

thalai nandri for the tip aana itha oru rendu varusham munnadi solli irunthingana nalla irunthu irukkum -- appo thaan intha technic pathi thedi thedi thedi thedi kadaisiya la kandupidichen...

Karthick Krishna CS said...

//i dint understan//
it was intend to be ;)

//rendu varusham munnadi //
even now i didnt thought of telling. but after knowing that so many are not aware of this, i decided to share..